Motorola Droid 3 Drops Tegra 2

Motorola opts for a different vendor for its upcoming Droid 3 smart phone. Tegra 2 is a year old and other competitors can outpace Nvidia’s mobile platform even at higher resolutions. Motorola has decided to go with a 1GHz OMP4430 processor and a SGX540 GPU (the iPhone 4 has a SGX535 GPU). It will also support a qHD 960×540 display.

However, in the next few months Nvidia will launch its Kal-El platform which is an SoC that comes packaged with a quad-core Arm processor and a more powerful Nvidia GPU. According to Nvidia it can deliver up to 5x the performance of Tegra 2.

Kal-El: Nvidia’s Successor to Tegra 2