The Über Update: Day 3

The reveal for Valve’s next Team Fortress 2 update begins. Well, that didn’t take much time now did it? After dealing with pesky flying rats taking a dump on our heads, details of the long awaited Medic Update has finally surfaced.

As expected, this new update will feature a new iteration of Valve’s Academy Award Winning “Meet the Class” series, starring none other than the great German amputator himself: The Medic. Slated for this Thursday, Valve has given a small tease by giving us a peak at some new weapons:

Mobster Monday

Tomislav – Minigun, +75% faster, silent spin-up time, 20% slower firing speed.

The Family Business – Shotgun, +40% clip size, -15% damage done.

The Eviction Notice – Fists, +50% faster firing speed, -60% damage done.


The Enforcer – Revolver, +20% damage done, 0.5 sec increase in time taken to cloak.

The Big Earner – Knife, +30% cloak on kill, -25% max health on wearer.

The Made Man – A gentleman always has a flower handy to drop on an opponent’s grave.

A new Payload map called “Barn Blitz” has also been introduced.

To celebrate the massive update, Valve is offering a “week-long free weekend” for Team Fortress 2 starting right now.

Day 2:

Timbuk Tuesday


The Bazaar Bargain – Sniper Rifle, Each consecutive headshot gives +10 charge per second, A body shot reduces the bonus, a missed shot clears the bonus, -20 base charge rate penalty.

The Shahanshah – Sword, +25% increase in damage when health is less than 50% of max, -25% decrease in damage when health is more than 50% of max.


The Splendid Screen – Shield, +25% fire damage resistance on wearer, +20% explosive damage resistance on wearer, Can deal charge impact damage at any range, +70% increase in charge impact damage.

The Persian Persuader – Sword, 100% increase in charge recharge rate, all ammo collected becomes health.

Ali Baba’s Wee Booties – Shoes, +25 max health on wearer, +100% increase in turning control.

One has to wonder if the Scottish cyclops should even be called a demoman after this update.

Day 3:


The Soda Popper – Scattergun, +25% faster reload speed, +50% faster firing speed, -60% clip size, No random critical hits, builds “hype” as you run, when the hype meter is full, unleash mini-crits.

The Atomizer – Bat, grants triple jump, third jump deals 10 damage, -30% slower firing speed, -20% damage done.

The Winger – Pistol, +15% damage done, -60% clip size.

We’ll keep you posted as more information becomes available.

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