Best Buy Sends Newegg Cease & Desist Letter

This comes after Newegg makes fun of Best Buy’s employees and uses the word “geek”. A new marketing campaign launched by the online retailer has drawn the ire of electronics giant, Best Buy. You can see it here:

In a cease & desist letter filed by Best Buy, the retailer clearly wasn’t happy with the advertisement:

The letter then demands Newegg do the following:

1. Promptly and permanently cease all use of the Geek On Logo and any other mark combining the word “GEEK” with and orange color scheme or a power button design, and,

2. Promptly and permanently cease all use of hte advertising in question as well as any other advertising purporting to show Best Buy employees.

Newegg had until June 6th to agree to the terms. Obviously, Newegg didn’t bat an eye, and unfortunately for Best Buy, their little letter may have just let the video go viral.