Comparing Rumored Wii U Hardware Info

Along with some official information released by IBM and AMD. While we reported the official hardware specifications yesterday, they were a bit lacking on the details pertaining to just how much graphical prowess the Wii U actually has.

IBM and AMD have both confirmed that the Wii U is powered by an IBM multi-core CPU and the GPU for the console is a Radeon HD. Unfortunately, like Nintendo, they were also very candid on details, with only IBM divulging any hint of what the chips are made out of. They at least were kind enough to tell us that the processor powering the Wii U uses the same architecture of the Watson, the supercomputer that beat Ken Jennings on Jeopardy.

Around a week ago, an internal picture was leaked of the Wii U’s internal hardware specifications and the details seem to line up with the official ones released by Nintendo:

CPU: IBM Power 6 “Fox” on 32nm process. Quad-core processor @ 3.5GHz.

GPU: AMD RV770 “Wolf” chip on 32nm process, running @ 766MHz.

RAM: 512MB XDR2 main memory, 1GB GDDR5 video memory, 16MB eDRAM

Storage: 2.5-inch SATA HD 250GB/320GB. SD & SDHC card compatibility up to 64GB

Optical Media: Custom Blu-Ray, Up to 50GB. Compatible with GameCube and Wii Discs.

So far, there is a bit of a discrepancy with the CPU as IBM has already told Engadget that it’s being made on a 45nm process. The “lots of embedded DRAM” that IBM mentioned however, seems legit.

On the storage front, Nintendo game designer, Katsuya Eguchi, has confirmed to Kotaku that the optical discs will hold 25GB of data, increasing the probability that Nintendo may have indeed shifted to Blu-ray discs.

No information yet on the number of stream processors for the GPU. We’ll keep you posted.