Sony Conference Roundup

Sony is back at E3 once again, but this time they stretched it out to a 2 hour conference. Did they tackle the important issues? Check out our breakdown along with some videos below:


-Jack Trenton addresses Sony problems with their network.
-Uncharted 3 Demo and Trailer. Uncharted 3 MP beta begins June 28.
-Resistance 3 Demo
-New Sony 3D display announced. It uses a new technology to allow 2 players to view different scenes on the same screen instead of using split screen. It will be bundled with the glasses, 6ft HDMI cable, and Resistance 3 for $499.
-NBA 2k12 Demo
-Medieval Moves: Dead Mans Quest Demo
-Infamous 2 Trailer
-Little Big Planet 2 will have more PlayStation Move support in September.
-Star Hawk Trailer. The game is set for and early 2012 release.
-Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Trailer
-Dust (PS3 and PC cross-platform capability) Trailer. It is set for fall 2012.
-Bioshock Infinite Trailer
-Some other Bioshock title will be available for the NGP.
-Star Trek Trailer. The game will also support the PS Move.
-Ps3 version of Street Fighter X Tekken to feature Infamous character.
-SSX Trailer plus an exclusive mount Fuji level based on Nasa satellite footage.
-PS3 version of Need for Speed: Run will have 7 exclusive cars.
-NGP will be officially called PlayStation Vita. Comes in wifi and 3g models. Vita will be exclusive to AT&T’s service.
-Uncharted Vita demo
-Mod Nation Racers on Vita Demo
-Little Big Planet on PS Vita Demo
-Street Fighter X Tekken Trailer. It will be available on the PS Vita.
-Vita wifi only edition will be price at $249.99. The 3g version will be priced at $299.


Uncharted 3 Demo:

Uncharted 3 Trailer:

Resistance 3 Demo:

Star Hawk Trailer: