Lulzsec Breaks Into Nintendo of America

This time around however, they didn’t appear to take anything. The same guys who recently tore into Sony Pictures earlier this week has managed to infiltrate one of Nintendo’s US-based servers.

According to Nintendo in a response to Reuters, the breach actually occurred weeks ago, but the intrusion did not reveal any customer information:

“The server contained no consumer information. The protection of our customer information is our utmost priority,” Nintendo of America, the company’s U.S. unit, said in an e-mailed statement.

“We constantly monitor our security,” Nintendo said.

Lulzsec themselves have admitted that the break-in yielded nothing, but was also clear to state that they meant no harm in a Twitter post:

Nintendo, we just got a config file and made it clear that we didn’t mean any harm. Nintendo had already fixed it anyway. <3 them!

However, Lulzsec has also stated that they do not intend to stop anytime soon and will have more hack attempts coming up on the horizon:

“Considering fun is now restricted to Friday, where we look forward to the weekend, weekend, we have now taken it upon ourselves to spread fun, fun, fun, throughout the entire calender year”

And of course, for teh lulz.

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