Disqus Tutorial


New Users

If you are a new user around here you don’t have to do that much to comment. You can simply log in with facebook, twitter, linkedin, or a disqus account if you have one. We have a great and friendly community so don’t be afraid to post.

Existing Users

If you are an existing user you can still easily comment with your social networking system of choice, but it might be better to use disqus to log in because you can change your user name, avatar, and possibly merge the account with previous posts you have made on the website.

Step 1:

Create a disqus account here: disqus.com

Make sure you use the same email you used for the website. It may be possible to merge previous comments you have made on the site.

Step 2:

Go to the upper right corner after you are logged in and edit your information.

Step 3:

Enter your information. Note, your full name is what is displayed. For example, if you want your user name as Atrum, you would put Atrum in the full name field if you wanted to.

Step 4:

Don’t forget to upload an avatar.

Step 5:

You can try to merge your new account with your previous account from wordpress. Again, ensure that you used the same email you registered to the website with. Go here for a tutorial: disqus.com

And that’s it. You are done. Just hop back over to the site and start posting.