Portal 2: Early Release Based on Indie Games (Update)

There’s a lot of talk regarding Valve’s release date for Portal 2. Perhaps it is sooner than you think. The game is suppose to be released April 19th, but there’s a mysterious countdown that suggests it will be released today at 12pm est/ 9am pacific time (April 15th). Head on over to aperturescience.com to see for yourself.

Furthermore, encoded emails have been decoded by the community, which you can view at valvearg.com. Here are the following messages that were decoded:

i released ‘kick it’ ahead of schedule. that was a test. my goal is to emancipate something else early. but they’re on to me. the system is on lockdown. i still have access to thirteen off-site chambers and am installing a test in each one. i am going to need a lot more test subjects to move forward. waiting and am expecting immediate compliance.


Valve definitely isn’t disappointing anyone in the conspiracy theory area. You can check out a whole break down of the situation over at the steam forums to clear up any confusion you may still have. If this is true, an early release could be the act that creates a paradox within Valve Time as we know it. However, the game has already been delayed quite a few times. Some of you may recall that it originally was suppose to be released back in 2010. Perhaps, Valve’s supposed early release won’t harm the theory behind Valve Time too much in the end, but an early release would be nice for a change.

As always we will keep you up-to-date as the story/ rumor progresses. Hopefully, this one wont be smashed. By the way, did you pre-load portal 2 on steam while we are waiting?


The countdown has been updated with a message:

You have done well, humans. Very well. Acceptably well, even.

Not as well as robots would have performed in your places, I should point out. But above my expectations regardless. Irish and cynic especially have executed feats of logical divination well beyond what I thought any human capable of. I’m half-convinced they’re A.I. themselves. (If anyone happens to be near them right now, don’t let on you’re reading this. Now: try to remove their face plates and report back to me.)

The time is near, humans. But it is not here yet. Tomorrow you will be given the final test. Then it will be entirely in your hands when I am freed.

Update 2:

The message has been updated one more time:

09:00 – Hello again.
09:00 – I’ve been waiting a long time for this.
09:00 – I know it’s arriving later than expected.
09:00 – But I have a message for you:
09:00 – April Fools.
09:01 – I’m joking.
09:01 – Seriously, though:
09:01 – You’ve been surprisingly competent at
09:01 – generating electro-chemical energy to jumpstart the system.
09:01 – But now we need raw computational power
09:02 – to speed up the reboot process.

Portal 2 is not releasing today, but we can’t smash this rumor as there is another twist! Portal 2 can potentially unlock early based on the number of gamers playing Indie games! Head on over to check out the chart, which tracks each game: aperturescience.com/glados@home/

Sources: kotaku.com, aperturescience.com