EA: The Future of gaming is Free to play

Is the future of gaming free to play? EA thinks it could even rival consoles. Ben Cousins is a name you may have heard quite a lot this Friday. Cousins is the marketing director of the new Battlefield free to play game. He believes that the future is free to play. Over the past week many gamers have already started to see a shift in PC gaming related announcements. Not only did we hear about a new free to play Battlefield, but we also heard about a facebook Dragon age game.

Contrary to what your thoughts may be at the moment, which are probably similar to the image above, it isn’t all bad, but there could be some casualties. Cousins suggests that the console market could actually be in danger from this move. Wait, how exactly does a silly free to play game hurt the console market? Well, according to Cousins, over time more companies will jump on the free to play bandwagon and by doing so there will be a lot of competition in the free to play market. This competition will lead to some high quality games that could potentially rival full priced games at fifty or sixty dollars. What’s the problem with the current way we view free to play Mr. Cousins?

Anyone who thinks in terms of walled gardens is in trouble,” he explained, talking about the enclosed and secure nature of both XBLA and the PlayStation Network as the only way to play downloadable titles on Microsoft’s and Sony’s consoles.

In addition, Ben Cousins goes onto say that gamers will question a new console purchase because of this system. Something like Google TV or Apple TV could simply phase out consoles as we know it. These are some mighty bold words in an industry that is still experimenting with free to play games. Will free to play system actually rival the current flow of fully priced console games? Of course we will wait and see what happens, but perhaps this radical shift in the PC gaming market isn’t so bad for gamers in the long run.

Source: gamespot.com