Bobby Kotick Insults Every Developer

Kotick has a few words to say about some developers including Valve. How does he manage to do that? Well according to MR. Kotick, Bungie is “…probably the last remaining high quality independent developer.”

Bungie are a very unusual company. They’re probably the last remaining high quality independent developer. It’s very hard to [pauses]… that has sort of has institutional skills and capabilities. And they’re a real company.

When they started the process of looking for a new partner, they’d been in business with Microsoft. They had a vision for a product they wanted to create that needed certain skills and capabilities – that Microsoft had some of.

But as they started to go and look at the obvious candidates, they realised that no company other than Activision had the skills that they needed to be successful for the vision of that product. These are things that you never would have envisioned five years ago.

Blizzard had 2,500 people in customer service and support just for World Of Warcraft. How you train them, how you manage them, how you organise them… how you use CRM tools in delighting and satisfying the expectations of your audiences.. it’s something no other company [Bungie] talked to [could offer].

As some of you may already recall, Bungie, the creators of Halo, are no longer partnered with Microsoft. Bungie currently has a new deal with Activision. So, Kotick trying to pimp Bungie as the greatest developer left makes sense if you look at it from their marketing perspective. However, this statement certainly doesn’t make other gamers or game developers happy.