72% of California Parents Support Ban on Violent Games

A recent press release from a family advocacy group rigorously defends California’s legislative initiative. Common Sense Media, a private advocacy group has disclosed findings conducted by Zogby International that questioned 2,100 parents during the middle of August this year about the recent attempts by California to ban all violent video games. The findings include:

  • 65 percent of parents say that they’re concerned about the impact of ultraviolent video games on their kids
  • 75 percent of parents would give the video game industry a negative rating when it comes to how they protect kids from violent video games
  • More than half of both parents and adults in general would go so far as to rate the industry “poorly”

“The results of this poll clearly show that not only do the effects of ultraviolent or sexually violent games weigh heavily on the minds of parents, but also that parents feel that the video game industry isn’t doing nearly enough to protect kids from accessing the most ultraviolent games…. what we’ve learned from this poll is that parents want to be the ones deciding which games their kids play, not the video game industry.”

The organization also released a montage of violent games to showcase the extent of violence:

Naturally, the montage contains the two usual suspects: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Postal 2.

Common Sense Media