Intel is Going to Take on ARM

The current mobile giant is going to get some competition. How does Intel plan to ramp up the competition? I’ll give you a hint. What can you find in a lot of netbooks? That’s right Atom processors. Intel currently feels that their Atom processors are ready to go on the offensive in the tablet and mobile market. Furthermore intel claims that we can expect “fast Internet, smooth multitasking, full 1080 HD video, 3D graphics and streamlined voice calling.” In addition, intel claims that they have added quite a bit of features to the Atom processor.

* New SoC power states (S0i1, S0i3) – Enables the platform to remain active at ultra low power states.
Next-gen OS power management
– An OS directed, usage model based technique to manage platform idle power.
Support for low power handheld I/O – LP DDR1, LP Audio, MIPI, SDIO, USB and NAND.
Optimized SpeedStep technology
– Facilitates a broad CPU range while maintaining low power.

Hardware accelerators – Delivers higher performance at lower power for such capabilities as video decode/encode, imaging and audio.