Ghost Recon: Future Soldier PC Canceled Due to Piracy Concerns

Ubisoft is hitting PC gamers in the head once again with the cancellation of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier on the platform. Furthermore, they go onto state that 95% of PC gamers would pirate the game. Sébastien Arnoult, Ghost Recon Online producer, let’s us in on what the company is thinking:

While Ghost Recon Online is exclusive to PC, Ubisoft’s other Ghost Recon game, Future Soldier, uses a traditional payment model and will only be available on console. When we started Ghost Recon Online we were thinking about Ghost Recon: Future Solider; having something ported in the classical way without any deep development, because we know that 95% of our consumers will pirate the game. So we said okay, we have to change our mind. We have to adapt, we have to embrace this instead of pushing it away. That’s the main reflection behind Ghost Recon Online and the choice we’ve made to go in this direction.

So, Ghost Recon Online will still be available using the free to play model, but they state Future Soldier will not be available on the PC due to the difference in payment models and piracy concerns.